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Iron Imperative
Inexpensive sugarcane juice in developing countries is now free of impurities. 
Inspiration from Nature
Balaenoptera Musculus opens its mouth to gulp large volume of water full of small fish and krill. Once the mouth is closed, the whale forces its tongue against a filter in its jaw called baleen. Water strains back into ocean leaving the fish and krill behind. 

Problem Statement
In countries like India and Pakistan, sugarcane juice called Roh is a cheap high-octane fuel for the working class. One glass of icy cold Roh in crushing heat of the summer and weariness retreats like a dementor from Patronus spell. But the the juice-stalls are located along roadside where they are constantly exposed to dust. General consumers are motorcyclists who do not get off their bikes to drink the juice. Sale frequency remains high as the grinders churn on constantly and price of each glass is low. It is not financially feasible to use disposable glass and dust-proof environment around the stall isn’t an option either. So, the price which consumers pay for a glass of juice is infinitesimally smaller than the price which they end up paying in the long run. We need a solution to remove solid particles and dust from a glass of Roh without slowing down business.
Nature Review
Blue whales (Balaenoptera Musculus) have developed a filtering system inside their mouth called baleen. The whale gulps a large number of fish, krill, water and everything that gets swooped in, and closes its mouth. There are keratin plates in the jaw. The whale  forces out water through these plates leaving the fish and krill behind. An important part of this method is the pressure of the tongue which forces the water out. It suggests that juice can be poured in a glass which has cap for removal of impurities. Filtration can be achieved by the weight of the juice from inside when glass is tilted. This way, the process of filtration won’t slow down manufacturing and sale of the product.
Technology Review
Baleen method of chemical-free filtration has already been mimicked at industrial scale. Multiple filtration products such as Ekobrew refillable cup, Swiss Silver cup filter, Electrolux Ergorapido Dust Cup Filter, Diguo coffee filter cup are important case-studies.  There is a wonderful initiative by the name ‘The LifeStraw: Portable Water Filter’ which provides clean water to African children. Th nature gadget should be a two-sided filter which can remove and accumulate solid particles and dust from a liquid.
Nature Gadgets Umair Zia Nature-Gadgets-Umair-Zia NatureGadgets UmairZia
Nature Gadget
A two-way filter keeps collecting solid particles along its round edges, and needs cleansing only after several uses. The baleen-like screen (8) is a two-way filter which works during the pouring (7) and drinking from glass (9). When glass is tilted or turned upside down, a disk inside the filter (11, 12) collects solid particles and rams them along its edges. The process is repeated (17). Existing method to wash a glass between two uses is to give it a quick scoop in a tub of (dirty) water. Glasses fitted with nature gadget filters should remove impurities (10) from that water as well.
Citation Montage
Following are some useful resources from the design process of this nature gadget.
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