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One-line Brief
Gym gloves direct all load to the intended muscles. 
Inspiration from Nature
The grip of Eagle claws (Accipitridae) is not affected by the twisting and squirming of its prey.

Problem Statement

There is often a skinny guy in a gym who has been working out to build muscles for ages but hasn’t succeeded yet. People who train themselves more technically, know that a right grip around the bar, correct posture of the spine, and the angles of extension and flexion of muscles are imperative to muscle building. Most gym gloves are designed to provide a better grip. But while technique and grip can be improved, hands and wrist continue to absorb unintended stress while lifting weights. Could there be gloves that held the weight themselves, directing the entire stress to the muscle which needed shaping as a result?

Nature Review
Animals like hippopotamus, tiger, bear, and crocodiles are formidable for their bite. But biting is a momentary force, we need a holdfast mechanism of similar strength. Claws of an eagle (Accipitridae) can not only catch a hefty prey but they also don’t yield to the twisting and squirming of the prey. They are the ideal inspiration for designing gloves that transfer all the stresses to the target muscles.

Technology Review
Much sport and military research has been done in this field for various purposes. A few good examples are Dominator leather training gloves, Oxstren smart gym gloves, SKLZ smart gloves, and Northwave Powerful Finger Concept. After reviewing several exoskeletal options, it turns out that an intelligent system of stiffness-relaxation mechanism needs strings of memory alloy stitched inside the leather.
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Nature Gadget
A pair of gloves are designed which improve grip (28) as well as the ability to hold the weight (29, 30). Memory fibers are embedded in the leather. When weight is lifted, leather gloves direct all the stress from hand and wrist area to the targetted muscles. Memory laces (5, 15, 16, 22) which run through the knuckles can distribute stiffness dynamically around the hand (19, 21) keeping it (hand) in an effortless position always. The end result is an elimination of all unintended (but previously inevitable) exertion on fingers and wrist.

Citation Montage
The following are some useful resources from the design process of this nature gadget.
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