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Iron Imperative
Paint brush changes its attributes to meet the needs of an artist.
Inspiration from Nature
Petromyzontiformes have neurons in their spine which help them adapt to the direction and force of water currents.

Problem Statement
Technological advancement in Arts is still significantly smaller than in everyday utility. Not too long ago, we had to carry a feature phone, mp3 player, digital camera and storage disk etc. but now a smart phone suffices. In fine arts, there is still a large set of brushes with varying forms and sizes. Technically, they may vary in their toe, bristle, belly, heel and handle. We need a single brush which can adapt to the changing nature of strokes.
Nature Review
There are several phenomena in nature which give us a direction toward solving this problem. Skin of the mammals for instance, act as a complex adaptive system- capable of performing multiple tasks. But the skin of a lamprey (Petromyzontiformes) exhibits an inspiring new technology. There are CPG’s (central pattern generator) neurons in the spine of a lamprey. They help the organism adapt itself to both direction and force of the current. One could say that the relationship between a lamprey and water is like the one between a dandelion and air. Both life-forms are highly adaptible to the dynamics forces of their context. In order to have a brush which mimics lamprey, one must break down the components of painting process itself.
Technology Review
Significant technological milestones have been achieved stylus industry. Apple pencil for instance, features fast and precise sensors for tilt and pressure. But such technologies, one way or another, depend upon the surface on which they draw. A fine artist should not be restricted by the nature of a canvas. For texture of a canvas alone, is an important part of the artwork. A brush must not be connected to a surface but instead be receptive to the sensory input of hand. It should function like an extension of a hand (and mind).
Nature Gadgets Umair Zia Nature-Gadgets-Umair-Zia NatureGadgets UmairZia
Nature Gadget
Paint brush senses the gestures of a hand holding it (firmness of the grip and its distance from bristle etc.) and changes its characteristics (breadth and stiffness of the fibers etc.) to achieve the intended stroke.
The nature gadget has bristles (11) which function like a lamprey. They take input from
A. The way an artist holds the brush, position of his/her wrist and grip.
B. Distance of the grip from tip of the bristle (28, 47).
C. Firmness of the grip (23, 26, 47).
D. Broadness of intended stroke (52, 54) as a factor of pressure exerted on the surface (or on a certain holding area of the brush). And
E. Stiffness in the fibers (56, 58) as a function of precision.
Like any complex adaptive system, this nature gadget does not rely solely on the instructions from brain but is Capable of re-organising its algorithm with respect to the changing gestures of hand.
Citation Montage
Following are some useful resources from the design process of this nature gadget.
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