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Iron Imperative
Target is whipped out with nuclear force without causing radiation in atmosphere. 
Inspiration from Nature
Mauritia Flexuosa can maintain its flexibility even during extreme temperature variation.

Problem Statement
Thermo-nuclear deterrence keeps rivals from plunging into war. But an atomic explosion renders the atmosphere hazardous for living for ages. The idea should be (actually, it should not be, but well) to wipe out an area so that it can be conquered. An air-to-surface or surface-to-surface nuclear strike kills the opportunity to conquer land as a followup to attack. A thermo-nuclear warhead should be such that it flattens a city but leaves the atmosphere habitable for troops to conquer.
Nature Review
We are looking at something which can pierce through different forms of matter (air, water, fire and earth). Besides other technicalities, there is a challenge to address heat-exchange and friction. A Buriti Palm (Mauritia Flexuosa) can maintain its elasticity even during the extreme variation in temperatures. The palm does so by forming a biodegradable foam which serves both as a lubricant and an an insulator. The idea of regenerative protective layering could be the key to a devastating force under ground.
Technology Review
A torpedo propulsion system combined with a sea floor mapping (AUV) and drill missile concepts such as D-03 can be combined together with the insulation and lubrication technology of Buriti Palm. A torpedo- guided be remote sensing infrared imagery (used in space archeology)- is envisaged. It can drill and navigate itself through different strata of earth, until it reaches the target focus where it can trigger an earthquake.
Nature Gadgets Umair Zia Nature-Gadgets-Umair-Zia NatureGadgets UmairZia
Nature Gadget
This nature gadget is a cataclysmic force in the form of a lethal tremor from deep below the earth (as opposed to a strike from above). The torpedo can pierce through tectonic plates and target an underground focus of earthquake. It is a vehicle for implosive device (30) and is capable of navigating through water (32) and drill itself through solid (29) . There is a self navigating system (19) based on the sensors which generate an augmented path through rocks and soil (2), also guided by infrared satellite imagery. When the missile reaches about the right distance and depth (1) from surface, it blows up causing a calculated (minor) shift in tectonic plates.
Citation Montage
Following are some useful resources from the design process of this nature gadget.
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