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One-line Brief
Gun reuses the shell casings and allows hundreds of uninterrupted rounds.
Inspiration from Nature
Puffin (Fratercula Arctica) arranges fish inside its beak with its tongue.

Problem Statement
High energy laser weapons are coming to the civilian world. Electro-magnetic guns that can take out electricity from any device have already been invented. Traditional guns will have a unique edge over high-tech weapons. But traditional weapons need to be upgraded within their own system. For instance, when a bullet is fired it leaves a shell casing behind. A brass-catcher is often used to collect shell casings but it is an afterthought, not design solution. There must be a way to re-use wasted part of the bullet.

Nature Review
We need a strategy of organizing multiple objects in one place, each of which can be used later. Such a function is demonstrated by Atlantic Puffin. This pretty little soldier has its beak designed to store a large number of fish because of internal serrations. It inspires a revolver that can have separate compartments of fire-powder and re-usable shell casings. The casings could refill themselves and make rounds of continuous shooting.

Technology Review
Revolver speedloaders have already been designed and clips and speed strips also enhance the shooting capabilities. But in order to make a revolver that can make ceaseless rounds of firing bullets, one has to break down a gun into its components. Shell casings need to follow a certain cycle in order for them to be refilled by gun powder and shot again. The following resources are helpful in understanding how such a gun could work.

Nature Gadgets by Nature Tutor Umair Zia
Nature Gadget
A revolver is designed which has three major compartments (42, 43, 44). The first one for small-sized bullets (25), the second one for a miniature version of solid-state fuel technology used in firing missiles (6), and finally, a closed-loop track of reusable shell casings (12). The shell casings (which are now a part of the gun architecture) make endless rounds of shooting, collecting (17) and emptying (11) gun powder like a never-ending ammunition chain of a machine gun. The system is encased in a continuous sound and heat-absorbent structure.

Citation Montage
The following are some useful resources from the design process of this nature gadget.
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