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One-line Brief
Baseball can travel and swing at an unprecedented rate.
Inspiration from Nature
Blood cells of a camel (Dromedary) become elongated when blood vessels constrict due to dehydration.

Problem Statement
Extreme sports have quickly become a global phenomenon. Question is, can there be an extreme version of all sports? Cricket, for instance, has tournaments with a lesser number of players or overs, even smaller fields sometimes. But is it an extreme version of the sport? Extreme cricket would be one in which a batsman, for instance, strikes a ball ten times harder, sending a ball away ten times farther. Or a baller could swing the ball beyond the known limit- or throw it at trailblazing speed. Sporting equipment could be upgraded to meet extreme requirements. As a case, baseball needs to be invented which can travel and swing at an unprecedented rate.

Nature Review
In order to design a baseball that can swing and fly like nothing we have seen before, we need to understand the behavior of the fluid (air) through which it would travel.
When blood vessels of a camel constrict due to dehydration, its blood cells become elongated and oval which allows them to circulate through the body even through tighter vessels. This principle can be mimicked in a ball to eliminate all friction. The baseball should be able to increase its speed- and swing midair- as intended by the pitcher.

Technology Review
The stated principle has been studied thoroughly in all ball sports. Gyroball, knuckleball, Adidas miCoach Smart Ball and other smart ball systems, all contribute to the development of this extreme ball machine. Nature gadget baseball should be able to calculate the distance and angles midair and morph itself in an attempt to exaggerate the speed and/or spin- and then take the hit without breaking its systems.

Nature Gadgets by Nature Tutor Umair Zia
Nature Gadget
A baseball is designed which can get elongated mid-air and become round again (14, 17, 18). It has a double coded layer of molecular-level deformation capability (11, 12) right under the classical alum-tanned full-grained cowhide (9). The surface is made stretchable along with the dual-seamed stitches (2, 4, 6). The amount of deformation is controlled by roll of the fingers (19) and power behind the throw. The result is an extremely fast flight and an unprecedented swing of the ball.

Citation Montage
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