Hi there,

Umair Zia
I am Umair and I am an observer, music-lover and a dreamer. I am an Architect by profession and I teach at National College of Arts, Lahore. Nature Gadget initiative is an outcome of long hours of reading, sleeping, sipping tea, thinking and reflecting on the magical processes of nature. It is a bio-mimicry design journal at the confluence of personal blogging and empirical research. Nature gadgets follow the principles of Sir Richard Buckminster Fuller’s masterpiece work, Synergy. Objective of this design journal is to make complex ideas comprehensible, accessible, colorful and inspirational for young minds around the world. Fuller envisioned a planet which worked for entire humanity, and exhorted that such a spaceship earth must be designed intentionally. NatureGadget.com is a realization of that dream- one little gadget at a time. Inspiration for each model- from nanoscale reorganizational capabilities of a material all the way up to a complex urban form- comes from the processes of nature.
I hope, where most of you find these gadgets inspirational and fulfilling as a work of art, some of you will go through them more objectively. Because I try to add as much information to each line as possible. Every idea has the potential to be developed further towards production but that would require industrial resource.
Stay curious, work hard and never stop trusting human spirit.
Yours truly,
Umair Zia