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:::: One-line Brief//
The chisel needs no hammering or external force.

:::: Inspiration from Nature//
Mantis Shrimp (Odontodactylus) can strike in the water at a lightning speed by bursting an air bubble and using its energy.

:::: Problem Statement//
Different types of chisels are used in the carving and sculpting of materials like stone, marble, wood, etc. There are two important aspects of chiseling, pointing to the tip and the force with which it is hammered. Chiseling can quickly become a tedious task and demands steady hands. This gives an advantage to men over women which is wrong because sculpting is an art form and art is gender-less. Chiseling needs to be liberated from hammering altogether.

:::: Nature Review//
The skeletal system with conventional energy input-output principles fails to generate the kind of force required. We need a new model to generate maximum impact with minimum force. A mantis shrimp (Odontodactylus) already produces such tremendous force through the process of power amplification called ‘Cavitation’. In this process, the force emitted from the busting of air bubbles in water is used for propulsion. It paves the way for a water-based chiseler in which air bubbles are created and burst for power amplification.

:::: Technology Review//
The process of Cavitation is used in propellers of a boat however, in-depth analysis of the deadly strike of a mantis shrimp reveals that more than one systems need to be amalgamated in the designing of a zero-input chiseler. A few good study cases are Bosch Demolition Hammer, Arbortech Power Chisels, and Foredom Chisel Hand Piece (presented below). The Nature Gadget should be a battery-less device, ready to be used anytime.

Nature Gadgets by Nature Tutor Umair Zia

:::: Nature Gadget//
A chisel has a liquid compartment (13) where air bubbles are formed and burst continuously to release energy in a process called Cavitation (22).  The metal tip of the chisel can strike either rapidly or just once (12). And the impact of the recoil gets nullified before it reaches the hand, like in ballet slippers.

:::: Citation Montage//
The following are some useful resources from the design process of this nature gadget.
Row1Column1: Closeup of a Mantis Shrimp
Row1Column2: Weapons of a Mantis Shrimp
Row1Column3: Body Mechanics of a Mantis Shrimp while Power-punching
Row1Column4: Anatomy of a Peacock Mantis Shrimp
Row2Column1: Linkage Mechanics and Power Amplification of the Mantis Shrimp
Row2Column2: The Most Powerful Movements in Biology
Row2Column3: 50 mph Punch of a Peacock Mantis
Row2Column4: A Traditional Chisel
Row3Column1: Woodcarving Tools
Row3Column2: Bosch Demolition Hammer
Row3Column3: Arbortech Power Chisel
Row3Column4: Power Chiseling
Row4Column1: Electric Chisel Carving Tools
Row4Column2: Foredom Chisel Hand Piece
Row4Column3: Makita Variable Speed Power Scraper
Row4Column4: Power Chisels for Wood Carving (Arbortech)

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