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:::: One-line Brief//
The paper-thin top presses itself against the skin and keeps the body warm and dry.

:::: Inspiration from Nature//
The flower of the Amorphophallus Titanum plant seals itself off from the rain to protect its seeds.

:::: Problem Statement//
“Those who hate rain hate life”, said Dejan Stojanovic. There must be some divine relation between our innermost feelings and the pouring water from the sky or all these songs about rain would not have been written. Children usually love getting wet in rain but adults are usually more reluctant. It is curious what keeps adults from immersing themselves in rain like children. Of all possible reasons, at least one appears to be logical enough that an inventor could address. Adults simply do not want to get drenched in the rain because their pockets are often full of quotidians and there is always the windchill effect. Can such clothing be designed which lures its wearer into the rain?

:::: Nature Review//
Innumerable water-proofing materials and strategies can be found in nature. But one of the most poetic solutions (keeping in mind some degree of style) comes from the plant called Titan Arum (Amorphophallus Titanum). The spathe of its flower shuts itself in rain and twists gently near the base of the plant. This turns its bottom into a water-sealed bag in which the most fragile parts of the flower remain sheltered.

:::: Technology Review//
Several water-proof materials have been developed in the clothing industry. Some of the most inspiring technologies are shared here including COR-TEX 3 layer, AeroTech waterproof fabric, FreeSoldier jacket, Silic Self-cleaning technology for a shirt, Marios, and N2R waterproof fabrics. Like Titan Arum, a lightweight piece of clothing (a blouse, for instance) needs to be designed which can wrap itself up gently around the body of its wearer during rain. Thereby not only protecting the body and quotidians from getting wet but also mimicking a sense of warmth and protection.

Nature Gadgets by Nature Tutor Umair Zia
:::: Nature Gadget//
A blouse is designed in which strings of memory alloy are interlaced with polymer thread (1). When water touches the blouse it ricochets from the surface and the blouse shrinks in softly (2, 3) in order to seal off the body and quotidians from rain.

Umair Zia
:::: Citation Montage//
The following technologies helped in designing the systems for this nature gadget.

Row1Column1: Closeup of Titan Arum
Row1Column2: Blossoming of Titan Arum
Row1Column3: Closeup of the Texture of Titan Arum
Row1Column4: Chemistry of Titan Arum
Row2Column1: Life Cycle of Titan Arum
Row2Column2: Black Stretch Cotton Dress
Row2Column3: Breathable Waterproof Jacket
Row2Column4: CORE-TEX 3 Layers
Row3Column1: Nylon with Shiny Waterproof Fabric
Row3Column2: AeroTech Waterproof Breathable and Windproof Jacket
Row3Column3: FreeSoldier Water Resistant Jacket
Row3Column4: Waterproof-Breathable Fabric Technologies
Row4Column1: Silic Self-cleaning Shirt
Row4Column2: Marios Waterproof Shirt
Row4Column3: A Guide to Waterproofing
Row4Column4: N2R’s Hydro Jacket

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