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Iron Impertive

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Nature Gadget


Citation Montage
Following are some useful resources from the design process of this nature gadget.
Row1Column1: Closeup of Desert Scorpion (Abrasion-resistant Surfaces Inspired by the Scorpion)
Row1Column2: Anatomy of Desert Scorpion
Row1Column3: Texture of Dessert Scorpion
Row1Column4: Functional Surfaces Inspired from Dessert Scorpion
Row2Column1: Point Clouds of Scorpion Back
Row2Column2: The Effect of Micro-Surfaces on the Scorpion Surface
Row2Column3: Analysis on the Dorsal Surface of Scorpion
Row2Column4: Dessert Shoes
Row3Column1: Pentagon Men’s Scorpion Desert Boots
Row3Column2: Magnum Scorpion Desert Sole
Row3Column3: A List of Best Men’s Hiking Boots
Row3Column4: ASOS Brogue Leather Shoes
Row4Column1: GPS SmartSole Tracking Technology
Row4Column2: Smart Shoe to Help Reduce Amputations
Row4Column3: Justin Chamber’s Robot Shoe Concept
Row4Column4: Hiking Shoe Soles