Arfan Ghani

NatureGadget.com is a biomimicry design journal by Umair Zia that explores ‘synergy’ as the basis for the technology of the future. The design journal was featured at Venice Art Biennale in 2017.

Umair Zia is a visionary architect and assistant professor at the National College of Arts, Lahore. He is the founder of Nature Tutor magazine and a member of the editorial board of ii International Journal of Interior Architecture and Spatial Design. His nature-inspired projects have been featured at multiple international forums including CTBUH, Urban SOS, Adaptable Futures and Arctic Perspective Initiative, etc.

Umair is also a member of the first cohort of the Design Science Decade. By becoming a (r)Evolutionary at the Design Science Studio, Umair is committed to creating work- for at least one decade- that works for the entire humanity.

Umair dedicates this design journal to his mentor, a legendary architect and academic, Arfan Ghani.

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